Claim Account

Student’s Account

To claim your account, you will need your student ID number which will be provided to you. The Account is used for accessing assessment testing, completing Financial Check-In, using your email account, and accessing future courses.

Parent/Observer Account

To claim your observer account, you will need your observer ID number which will be provided to you. The observer account can be used to monitor your child’s progress, communicate with teachers, and even set up an alert system to track your student’s academic experience in his or her courses (does not apply to Dual Enrollment courses).

Set Your Back-up Information for Your Account

If you are ever locked out of your account and need to reset your password, you will need another method to verify your account. For that reason, you will be prompted to set up an alternate email and/or phone address when claiming your account. Please provide one or both forms of authentication so that you can easily reset your password if you’re ever locked out.