This agreement provides information pertaining to the responsibilities of parents/guardians while enrolled with Serving Institute.

The Parent/Guardian’s Responsibility

As the parent/guardian of a student registering with Serving Institute, I understand and agree to the following:

  • I acknowledge that the Institute’s curriculum is written from a Bible-centered, Christian worldview in accordance with the Institute’s Statement of Faith.
  • I will review the parent/student handbook, and I will abide by all policies and procedures therein.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to meet all applicable local and state education laws and requirements. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to select the course of study needed to meet any applicable graduation requirements in my state.
  • I understand that the voluntary accreditation process verifies that Serving Institute’s program meets or exceeds essential standards of educational quality. However, it does not guarantee the acceptance of credits since each state or institution creates its own policies of credit transfer. Some schools or colleges require additional validation of academic achievement.
  • I understand that I am the coordinator, communicator, and supervisor of my student’s program of study. I will motivate my student to follow and complete the course of study assigned. I am responsible to motivate and encourage my student to complete the daily work and assignments.
  • I understand that the work my student submits to the Institute must be his/hers solely. Tests and quizzes must be completed by the student independent of any other resources (e.g., answer keys, lesson text, “coaching,” etc.).
  • I understand that the academic year is considered to be 180 school days. Ten months are allowed to complete one school year’s coursework.
  • I understand that if my student has been enrolled using unofficial student records, the official records must be provided to Serving Institute before the end of the academic term. Further, I understand that Serving Institute will not award credit for completed coursework or provide official student records until the official records have been received from the previous school attended.

Financial Responsibility

  • I understand that I am a financially responsible party for each student I enroll and agree to pay the tuition in the agreed upon financial arrangement made in the Financial Check-In process for each student. I understand that I may pay the tuition in full at the time of financial check-in or in a monthly payment plan for up to ten months as noted below in Payment Plans.
  • I am aware that the Institute may change policies and procedures as needed. These changes will be announced via email and through my assigned academic advisor.

Payment Plans

  • Families who elect to send their children to Serving Institute enter into a contractual agreement with the school; therefore, they are obligated to pay full tuition as contracted either in a monthly payment plan or full tuition payment. While there is no interest charged for the monthly payment plan, there is a $50 payment plan fee that is charged with the first monthly payment.
  • Parents choosing to pay using the Tuition Payment Plan (TPP) will have the semester tuition divided into equal installments or can opt into a customizable payment plan for up to 10 installments for the year. It is important to note that if a student completes a semester/year early and wishes to begin the next semester/year at that time, parents using the TTP will have to pay-off their previous semester/year obligation before their child can proceed. 
  • I understand that if a monthly payment is returned as non-sufficient funds, and I have not contacted the Student Accounts Office to make other financial arrangements, my student will be deactivated from the curriculum and will not have access to the content until financial arrangements have been satisfied.
  • I understand that if financial satisfaction has not been reached in the above scenario, then my account could be turned over to a collection agency for collection of any outstanding tuition charges.

Payment Plan Adjustments

If new debits or credits are applied to the student account after the original check-in or after any given scheduled monthly payment, the system will automatically calculate and display the new installment amounts. Adjustments to payment plans can be made by logging into Financial Check-In, verifying the new installment amounts, and confirming the changed installments. If the parent/guardian does not confirm the adjusted installments, the last confirmed installment will be processed.

Withdrawal, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Families who elect to send their children to the Serving Institute Online Program enter into a contractual agreement with the school; therefore, they are obligated to pay full tuition as contracted either in a monthly payment plan or full tuition payment. Should the family need to withdraw the student at any time during the school year, the Institute Administration must approve to break their contract. If the contract is broken, the family’s tuition is prorated in the following manner: for withdrawal in any month from day 1-30, the full month’s tuition is charged. The obligation for future monthly tuition payments is eliminated. Families who have made a full-year payment will receive a prorated refund based on the last day of the month enrolled. The family is also charged a $50 withdrawal fee. Registration, lab fees, and technology fees are non-refundable.

Cancellation of Enrollment

  • The Institute Administration reserves the right to cancel a student’s enrollment at any time for non-payment of fees, unsatisfactory progress, failure to submit work on a regular basis, or obvious academic dishonesty.
  • Once a student is dismissed, reinstatement is considered only upon written application to and approval by the administration of Serving Institute. If reinstatement during the academic year is allowed, tuition fees must be brought current. Reinstated students are automatically placed on probation. The administration will consult with the student’s parents as to the nature and length of the probation.
  • If a student’s enrollment is suspended or canceled for any reason, schoolwork that is completed after that date is considered as home-school status and will not be included in your child’s transcript from the Institute. Upon reinstatement, if the parent seeks to have the home-school coursework receive credit, all accounts must be brought current, the student must be reinstated, and the coursework tests must be graded by Institute teachers.
  • Applications for reinstatement will not be accepted beyond the student’s original course completion deadline. Applicants seeking reinstatement beyond the course completion deadline are considered as having new student status. Depending on the length of time that has passed since enrollment in the Institute, the administration reserves the right to ask the student to take a new entrance assessment exam.
  • I have read and understood the cancellation and refund policy above. If I choose to cancel or withdraw my student, I must notify the Institute in writing or by email.

Nondiscriminatory Policy

Serving Institute admits students of any race, ethnic origin, gender, or nationality. The Institute does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, ethnic origin, gender, creed, nationality, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.