Middle School

With the middle school courses at Serving Institute, you can prepare your student for success in high school and beyond. Our certified teachers and responsive staff can help you nurture and educate your children in an ideal learning environment with a Christian curriculum.

Getting started is simple. Once you have completed the application and sent in your student’s records from his/her previous school, we will complete the enrollment process by setting up a course schedule.

Take a look at the 6-8 grade middle school courses we offer and find out how a Christian curriculum can provide your student with a foundational academic and spiritual learning experience.


Sixth Grade


6th-grade Bible course teaches students that the Bible tells a consistent story of how God is seen in the lives of humans in the Old and New Testament and the story of the Messiah. Through the utilization of God’s truths, engaging materials, and intriguing activities, students will explore biblical themes and research the lives of biblical figures. Students will memorize — but most importantly, apply — Scripture to their lives, learn about important Christian character traits, and be able to grow in their faith.

Language Arts

6th-grade Language Arts course utilizes innovative technology and engaging activities for students. The course allows students to interact with exciting literature, practice grammar skills, embrace the components of great writing, and learn grade level-appropriate vocabulary words. Students will read a wide range of novels and participate in literary activities that help develop strong reading comprehension and fluency skills.


6th-grade Math course promotes problem-solving skills by teaching students how to make real-world connections with mathematics through the teaching of number theory, graphing and statistics, estimation, and real-world problems. Students are also taught about the order of operations, integers, decimals, fractions, ratios and probability, measurement, geometry, and beginning algebra. These concepts are taught using engaging lessons, hands-on activities, videos, and interactive games.


6th-grade History course provides students with exciting and engaging opportunities to explore historical events, people, and places that have helped shape our present and will help shape our future. Biblical truths are woven continuously into the course, allowing students to see and experience God and His incredible plan throughout history. The in-depth explorations pave a clear path for students to embrace past history patterns that are preparing them and future generations to be Christ followers. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include: the Civil War, Reconstruction and New Frontiers, the Rise of Industry and the Turn of the Century, the First Decade of the New Century, the Decades of the 20th Century, and the United States today.


6th-grade Science course provides students with an opportunity to discover scientific topics through interactive and engaging activities and lessons. Students will dive into God’s world through units that employ imperative Christian values. The truths of creation and God’s design are interwoven continuously throughout the entire course — allowing students to gain solid scientific knowledge with a biblical worldview. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include the following: creation, nature and method of science, matter, water and the water cycle, the earth and its atmosphere, biomes and oceans, the Earth and its surface, Earth’s resources, and the universe and solar system.


Seventh Grade


7th-grade Bible course, Heroes of the Faith, walks students through the study of Christian martyrs and heroes who have made tremendous sacrifices for the cause of Christ. Throughout the course, missionary highlights and stories behind Christian hymns and songs will be examined. This Bible course also encourages and teaches students the importance of daily Bible reading and Scripture memory. Students will explore a wide range of Biblical figures, including Gideon, Samuel, Stephen, Paul, Clement of Rome, John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, Matthew Henry, David Brainerd, William Carey, Florence Nightingale, Mary Slessor, C.S. Lewis, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, and Billy Graham.

Language Arts

7th-grade Language Arts course continues to build on the sequential review and development of grammar and communication skills in writing. This course offers an evaluation of literature and helps develop critical thinking skills using examples of short stories, 2 novels, poetry, and drama selected from a variety of periods and authors. A research paper using appropriate style, formatting, and research methods is required.


7th-grade Math course is a review of material learned in Math 6. This course will continue to prepare the student for Pre-Algebra. As the student goes through each lesson, he/she can learn important skills and concepts that will aid in using math as a tool in many applications of both real-life problems and abstract thinking. The student will be given opportunities to practice computation and use higher-level thinking skills.


7th-grade Civics course explores the many aspects of America’s government. Lessons cover fundamental values and principles, rights, responsibilities, limits, founding documents, biblical foundations of the U.S. Government, and the roles of the branches of government. This course introduces students to the state government, political parties, and economics. Topics in this course are designed to teach students about their government so that they can be equipped with the tools they need to be informed and engaged citizens.

Life Science

7th-grade Life Science (SCI 0700) course is a fascinating journey that allows students to know God better through the study of His creation. This life science course will expand upon previous learning and set the foundation for science in high school. In order to effectively prepare for high school, the middle-school student’s understanding should encompass both the micro and macro aspects of life, and this life science course includes both. Other major concepts include scientific inquiry, cells, organization of life, classification, cell processes, population dynamics, differences between and effects of biotic and abiotic factors, ecosystem dynamics, genetics and its applications, and change over time (micro-evolution vs. macro-evolution).


Eighth Grade


The goal for this course is to engage each student by offering an introduction to the Bible, along with major themes, characters, and life principles found in the Bible. The objective is to take the timeless truths of God’s Word and make them relevant and applicable to each student’s life. This course is designed to build on the content of our 7th grade Bible course and equip you with additional knowledge of Scripture.

Language Arts

8th-grade Language Arts course allows students to learn grammar rules that review and build on previous grades. In this course, students are challenged to build an expanding vocabulary through higher-level word studies. Writing is an integral part of this curriculum, as students learn not only the basics of the writing process, but also how to create original pieces in a number of different writing genres. Literature, too, is a strong element in this English class. Students read works from various genres and cultures and respond to these works by means of projects and response pieces. All elements of this class are taught from a biblical worldview that analyzes secular worldview messages prevalent in today’s society.

Math (Pre-Algebra)

Pre-Algebra course is an introductory algebra course designed to prepare students for Algebra I. This course will review basic math concepts regarding number sense, the rules regarding math operations, and the order of implementation. Students taking pre-algebra will practice concepts taught in previous math courses at higher levels and in ways that can broaden their skills. Students will also be challenged to practice algebraic thinking in order to model and solve real-world problems. Geometric concepts and related formulas will be linked to algebraic thinking to prepare students for future courses.

Physical Science

Physical Science course is an introduction to chemistry and physics with an emphasis on utilizing the scientific method. This course will explore God’s love of balance and how that’s reflected in the world He created. Students will be introduced to scientists who built their theories on the Bible and observations of the world around them. Student experiments are woven through the lessons, so they can experience the thrill of science and develop an understanding of the “new language” being learned.

World Geography

World Geography provides an overview of Earth’s places, cultures, and environments. The course will provide an overview of geographical study, climate, weather, regions, and resources. Students will also analyze the characteristics of different segments of the world’s population, including topics such as standard of living, urban development, and migration and cultural diffusion. The course will conclude with a study of the impact of globalization and political divisions. This is a high-school-level course so that a student, while in 8th grade, will obtain 1 high school credit while fulfilling the history requirement needed to be considered full-time for 8th grade.


Middle School Creative Writing (semester only)

Creative Writing course is a semester-long course that explores different genres of writing through both reading and writing as well as the other necessary elements needed to improve writing and composition skills. This course is designed with the goal of inspiring students to develop original pieces and ideas. Through writing and thinking, students can learn to become better readers, writers, and thinkers. The skills focused on in this course can help students in other courses as well, especially English. Writing genres covered include autobiographies, family storytelling, fairy tales, fantasies, short stories, and journals.

Middle School Guitar

Have you ever dreamed of playing the guitar? Whether you love music, want to play guitar for your family and friends, or desire to be a professional musician, this course is a great place to start. No prior music experience is needed. This course teaches the fundamentals of music and the basic skills necessary to play a wide variety of music styles. Student guides are available to walk the student through each step of the journey towards becoming a skilled guitarist.

Online Academic Success (semester only)

The goal of the Online Academic Success course is to help students master the ability to study, learn, and retain information in a way that best fits their learning style. Students can discover their learning style, learn how to use time effectively, learn study skills and tips for taking better notes, and prepare to be a successful online student. This course is offered in a full semester format only.

Spanish I: Part A

This is a full-year course that will provide your student with 0.5 high school credit. This is high school content for Spanish I stretched over 2 years (Part A and Part B). Only permitted for 7th- and 8th-grade students. Spanish I: Part A includes an overview of basic concepts with an introduction to more advanced grammatical concepts. Through the use of web-based technology, students will begin this exciting journey into learning a second language. Not only will the students build language skills, but they will also learn about various Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures. Students can expect to use their new language both in written and oral form as they complete each of their assignments throughout this course. Additionally, students can learn more about their own faith by reading the Bible in Spanish and analyzing Bible verses.